Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services

Trihalo Accountancy is proud to support local businesses with professional consulting services. We provide trusted business advice and reliable financial management services in Parramatta and across Sydney. Whether you’re setting up a new business, expanding into a new market, or looking for a profitable exit point, we have the skills and expertise needed to improve your bottom line.

Making business decisions can be risky and stressful, especially when you don’t have the right experience. Even simple decisions can have a huge impact on your financial health, with professional advice worth its weight in gold. We offer honest advice and simple practical tools to help you move forward with confidence. Why risk your financial health when you can get help from the expert?

Flexible consulting solutions

At Trihalo Accountancy, we have a diverse range of business consulting services. From business analysis and contract negotiations to forecast modelling and beyond, everything we do is tailored to your needs. We search for simple solutions to complex problems and find intelligent ways to integrate diverse business systems.

At Trihalo Accountancy, we offer the following business consulting services:

  • Major tender and contract negotiation
  • Local market advice and expertise
  • Identifying inefficiencies
  • Lease and landlord negotiation
  • Business continuity and transformation
  • Forecast modelling
  • Performance management and KPI settings
  • Internal control analysis

Trusted business consultancy

At Trihalo Accountancy, our local team has experience working across the commercial landscape, both in Sydney and across Asia. We provide trusted professional advice in a friendly package and deliver practical solutions for real-world business problems. Our complete business consultancy is designed to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. When you have access to professional business advice, you are more likely to make smart financial decisions.

We offer advice on cash flow, performance, risk mitigation, taxation, property, investments, expansions, and buy-outs, among other business scenarios. We have the experience needed to assist any business in need, including sole operators, partnerships, trusts, and companies. Whether you’re a new business looking to forge a clear path ahead, or an established company managing a speed bump in the road, we are here to help.